The LFG Performance Engine: A Better Way to Plan, Activate and Optimize Omnichannel Campaigns

LocalFactor launched in 2021 as a response to a series of industry trends that were reshaping the advertising landscape. Market oversaturation, a rapidly changing data environment, underperforming creative content, and operational inefficiencies were just a few of the challenges brands and agencies faced. Our mission was, and continues to be, to tackle these issues head-on. What began as a small team with a big vision has evolved into a tech-enabled powerhouse. At the core of our growth and success is the LFG Performance Engine, designed to help brands and agencies operate more efficiently and effectively. As we celebrate our three-year anniversary, it’s the perfect time to share our perspective on the industry, our vision, and the exciting advancements in our solutions.


What is the LFG Performance Engine?

LocalFactor is dedicated to helping brands and agencies plan, buy, optimize, and measure omnichannel campaigns across TV, video, display, digital out-of-home (DOOH), audio, and social media. The LFG Performance Engine is our comprehensive system that streamlines the entire process from planning to activation, offering a seamless experience. The engine integrates audience, creative, inventory, and performance data to deliver optimal results.

  • Audience Discovery: Our cookieless audience planning tool identifies where your audience is located.
  • Campaign Delivery: We use geo-based IDs to ensure your campaign reaches the right audience with the right creative in the right inventory.
  • Performance Optimization: Data from campaign performance is fed back into our unified reporting platform, allowing our team to derive insights and make adjustments that impact the entire campaign, rather than optimizing within a single channel.

We are continually enhancing our capabilities, ensuring every step of the way is delivering on our mission.


Meet the Geo-Graph™: The Foundation of the LFG Performance Engine

To address the limitations of legacy identifiers and new alternative ID frameworks, LocalFactor developed the proprietary Geo-Graph™. Unlike traditional device graphs that map attributes to individual identifiers, the Geo-Graph™ stitches data to specific geographic areas. The aim is similar—identifying an advertiser’s target audience—but our approach ensures future-proofed, privacy-focused audience data and consistent cross-channel performance.

For each campaign, we activate the Geo-Graph™ by creating LFIDs (LocalFactor IDs), using a brand’s specific audience factors. LFID algorithms use these factors to select localities that best match the target audience. The output is a cookieless segment that is easily activated across all channels.


Where We Go Next

By creating an LFID audience, campaigns are pre-optimized, setting the stage for efficiency and higher campaign ROI. With the Geo-Graph™ in place, our focus is now on integrating creative and contextual performance data. LocalFactor’s custom Attention+ format dynamically serves tailored content to LFID clusters, and robust creative reporting allows our team to leverage insights for ongoing optimization. 

Our goal is to enable real-time algorithmic optimizations based on these contextual performance signals, using the data surrounding every impression at the page or app level, to feed into our LFID algorithms.


Maintaining a Human Element

While AI and technology play an increasingly significant role in the advertising industry, we firmly believe in the creativity and innovation that people—especially our dedicated LFG’ers—bring to the table. We are investing heavily in technology but always ensure we have the right teams to support what we build.. This commitment to a human element is why so many of our clients continue to partner with us, confident that they will always have a dedicated team looking out for their best interests.

Their team is fantastic – easy to work with and attentive to details. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them!


As we celebrate three years of LocalFactor, we are proud of the progress we’ve made and excited about the future. Our LFG Performance Engine represents a significant leap forward in how brands and agencies can navigate the complex advertising landscape. With innovations like the Geo-Graph™ and a steadfast commitment to maintaining a human touch, we are well-positioned to continue driving success for our clients. 

To get the most performance out of digital campaigns in 2024 and beyond, advertisers can’t rest on the old way of executing campaigns. Solutions like the LFG Performance Engine do not require significant tech investments or ramp times, and can start delivering real results now.  If you’re ready to see how, contact our team to schedule a demo or to learn more!

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