Shopper Marketing.

Shopper Marketing

Shopper marketers have yet to have a partner provide premium inventory on a local level designed to drive shoppers in-store or in-e-store via OTT. Now, shopper marketers will have full access to take advantage of the power of TV. The decisions and reach of TV has historically only been a national advertising brand budget game, and now that has changed.  

In-Store Measurement

LocalFactor ensures your investment in OTT is driving shoppers in-store. All campaigns leverage the proper measurement partner to both target and deliver and optimize your budgets in real-time for performance. 

Find Your Shoppers

Shoppers are everywhere. They are using mobile, watching TV, doing research on their computer. It is imperative you deliver them relevant messaging, in premium localized inventory, at the right time to drive behavioral change. 


We have developed the Shopper_ID, a scalable and cookie-less way to find your ideal shopper for your campaign. Each Shopper_ID includes what we call, the receipts. An itemized view of what data points, purchases, activities, and more built the Shopper_ID to be sure the right messaging is being delivered to the right device.  Forecast and plan using the Shopper_ID for accuracy and efficiency, leading to ROI.