Your Social Stories, Beyond the Walled Gardens

Attention+ is the easiest way to get more out of valuable, and often under-leveraged, social video content.

Easily Create Compelling Ads

Repurpose any vertical video assets, including stories from Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and more.

Extend the Life of Social Stories

Stories are no longer short-lived or contained to a single platform, providing greater return on your time and effort.

Increase Time Spent with Your Brand

Full-screen stories drives engagement with an average of 10+ seconds and 3+ interactions per view.

Generate engagement with your brand.

Attention+ delivers a familiar experience that resonates with people across the open web.

The Attention+ Ad

Attention+ automatically creates multiple display sizes with highlights from videos to grab a user’s attention. 

Story Page

Upon tapping the display ad, users enter an immersive full-screen experience to engage & explore.

Landing Environment

Story viewers view or tap through the experience, and custom CTAs drive them to landing pages.

More Benefits of Attention+

  • Fully Customizable

    Easily build cross-screen creative and enhance them with CTAs, store locators, countdowns and more

  • Dynamic Updates

    Automatically refresh ad creative using the latest stories published to your brand's social account

  • Flexible Activation

    Attention+ can be utilized with our programmatic services or within your preferred DSP

  • Zero Creative Development Fees

    We'll quickly build Attention+ for you with no additional cost to your campaign

Enhanced Reporting and Insights.

LocalFactor analyzes performance in real-time to understand story performance, optimizing from impressions to actions.

Attention Plus reporting dashboard

Ready to see how Attention+ will change your campaigns?

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