FlexTV Extension

FlexTV Extension.

FlexTV Extension

Leverage a futureproofed device graph and direct supply partnerships to translate you linear TV schedule and first-party audiences into premium CTV and OTT inventory.

Audience Extension

LocalFactor works with publishers and technology companies to create audience extension products. Take your first party data and find your users across our platform. Partners are able to create unique products to sell for increased CPMs, increased deal size,  and increased supply.  

Device Graph

Place a pixel on your site to enable cross platform attribution, allowing LocalFactor to bucket and find your users across all our OTT channels. Add contextual targeting for additional layers of precision. From in-app to CTV to web, wherever we can see it, we’ll measure it and optimize for performance.

Premium Supply

With LocalFactor, advertisers and content providers are able to tap into premium transparent and curated supply. Our custom CTV channel list is dynamically optimized and filtered based on the top premium and most watched content to ensure relevancy and quality at scale. Channel lists can be further customized based on client needs, brand guidelines, and needs across CTV and Linear.

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