The old way of digital advertising is dead.

Programmatic media is undergoing seismic shifts in how it is planned, bought, optimized and measured. No one in the ecosystem can rest on how they’ve done things and expect to get the same results. 

Meet the Geo-Graph

LocalFactor’s Geo-Graph™ stitches millions of audience factors to billions of micro-localities worldwide, serving as the foundation for our cookieless approach to audience development and targeting. Scalable across all channels, devices, and media tactics, the Geo-Graph™ is the most efficient way to create futureproofed campaigns.

The LFG Performance Engine

Fueled by the Geo-Graph™, the LFG Performance Engine is a comprehensive system that flows from planning through activation, continuously improving upon itself.

Custom LFID Audiences

Cookieless, geo segments that pre-optimize campaigns and deliver cross-channel consistency, scale and performance.

Creative &

We find the most efficient path to high-quality inventory for your campaigns and match it with stand-out custom creative.

Performance & Insights

Performance data is visualized on the front end and delivered right back into the audience algorithms on the back end.

Activating the
Geo-Graph with LFIDs

LFID algorithms evaluate each micro-locality across the LFG Geo-Graph™ to build cookieless audience segments that match your factors and KPIs.

Dynamically optimized custom creative

Whether you are looking to get more out of existing assets, or create something new and unique to engage your audience, we have a format and an approach that can help drive performance.

The optimal path to performance

A platform-agnostic approach provides LocalFactor full view of the marketplace, ensuring that your campaigns are efficiently delivered across premium content with exceptional campaign quality.

LocalFactor Sample Client Dashboard

Unified reporting & insights

Make data-driven decisions with easy-to-access reporting across every channel, tactic, and platform. A dedicated team of experts will also help you unearth actionable insights to drive campaign performance.

Making Every Dollar Work Harder

LFID-enabled campaigns can be consistently activated in any environment, creating cross-channel consistency.

Connected TV & OTT
Digital Out-of-Home
Display & Video

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Since partnering with LocalFactor we’ve seen tremendous results on our main KPIs. Multiple clients have turned their test budgets into more consistent CTV budgets thanks to the great results we saw with LocalFactor. Their team is fantastic – easy to work with and attentive to details. We look forward to continuing our partnership with them!

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